Adopting A Cat

Thousands of animals are homeless and looking for someone to adopt them. This is a good way to add a friend to your home. Once you’ve decided to get a cat from a shelter or rescue agency you need to start your search. It is important to go through and make sure you are ready for a new pet (see “Deciding To Get A Cat”). Here’s a list of things that should be done before and in the process of getting a new family member.

Adopting A Cat

Locate a reputable shelter, rescue agency or individual
Don’t rush into a certain cat, there’re always be others that may be more appropriate
Look for a cat/kitten whose personality matches the environment it’ll be living in
Try to have every one who’ll be living with the cat meet the prospective pet before deciding
Get as much behavioral and health history as possible
Arrange a vet visit for a checkup within a couple days of adopting the animal

Adopting A Cat

Examine the animal and look for :
-clean/dry ears
-bright eyes, no discharge
-no potbelly (kittens)
-coat free of evidence of fleas or parasites
-white teeth, pale pink gums
-velvety, moist nose, no discharge

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