Types of Kittens

Types of Kittens

If you feel you are alone in this vast world then it is good to buy a pet for yourself. There are numerous options when you plan to buy a pet, that too if you have planned to take a kitten to your home.

Types of Kitten

There are many hybrid types of kittens available. Some of the kitten types are Abyssinian cats, Bengal cats, Bombay cats, American shorthair cat, Balinese cat, Birman cats, Himalayan cats, Havana brown cats and more. Each cat is famous for its own characteristic features and nature.

Based on their look and the place of breeding the there are different type of kittens. If you consider the Abyssinian cat then they look completely different from American curl cats.

Types of Kitten

If we take up the Abyssinian cat, there are lots of controversies over the shape and nature of these cats. Abyssinian cats are believed to resemble the old Egyptian sculptures which were even worshipped by ancient Egyptians.

Types of Kitten

The American Curl kittens just wraps around it. These are very lovable cats. These cats are more prominent in America and especially in California where they were discovered. American cats come in all colors and they look very fluffy. If friendly cat is your aim then it is good to go for Norwegian Forest cats. These cats are really big and very beautiful when compared to all the cats. These are believed to be descendant of Siberian cats. These cats are very gentle and friendly to people. The Norwegian cats have a wooly thick coat of hair; this coat was water proof to suit the climates of Northern hemisphere.

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