Care For An Elderly Cat

Care For An Elderly Cat

Another age that requires special attention is when your cat gets older. When your cat reaches its “Golden Years” is it important to take certain things into consideration. The diet that you have given you cat may not be appropriate anymore. The health of your furry friend may require increased doctor visits or medication. This time of their life can definitely change the time needed to care for your feline.

Care For An Elderly Cat

Foods that are given to a kitten or a cat are not appropriate for an older cat. There are many brands that have developed special food made specifically for the older cat’s needs. The food provides the proper nutrition but is usually easier on the digestive system. One sign that you may need to change foods is your cat throwing up. But you should always discuss this with your vet since regurgitation can be a symptom of a more serious condition.

Care For An Elderly Cat

Health problems are always a concern but as your cat ages the problems can be more frequent. It is very important to do the routine vet visits to catch any problems early. Also an overweight cat is only inviting a decline in overall health. As with humans, extra weight is tied to hypertension and heart problems. The severity of the health issues varies from simple treatment to surgery to fatality. Some conditions may require daily medication for your cat for the rest of its life. You may just need to put your feline on diet food. Or the condition may be so serious that your pet will not recover. Catching the symptoms early is very important in the treatment. These issues should be discussed with your vet as your cat reaches old age.

One of the toughest things in the world is to say goodbye to a friend. If your friend can into your life as a kitten you could be talking about a 15-20 year friendship. The decision to euthanize is never easy. One thing to remember in the decision is what is best for your friend. Is putting a cat through painful procedures just to prolong its life a few weeks in the best interest for the animal? Again your vet can be a great help in making a decision.

Care For An Elderly Cat

Grieving your loss is very important. Many people lose pets and feel that they shouldn’t hurt so much since it was “only a cat”. This is not true. Cat or not it was your friend and it hurts when a friend “leaves”. It has become more common to have support groups for individuals who have lost a loved one. Groups are consisted of animal lovers who have recently lost their friends. It has been discovered that this has a very therapeutic affect for some people. Some people grieve by adding a new friend to their lives as soon as possible. The one thing to remember if you choose to do this is that the new edition will not be the same as the friend who has just left. Do not expect it to be because that is not fair to the animal or you.

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