Caring for Kittens.

Caring for Kittens.

Caring for Kittens does not include only naming them, playing with them or just feeding them whatever you like, but it includes taking care of their health, taking care of their medical needs based on their age, finding a proper place for the kittens to stay and more. To carry out all this you need to have proper knowledge of the kittens. There are certain immunizations that need to be given to kittens. When the kitten in 9 to 12 weeks old kittens lose the self immunization that they got when they were born and starts developing their own immunity.

Caring for Kittens.

First and fore most injection that need to be given to the kitten is the distemper shot which is a combination of vaccines and protest the kitten from various diseases.

Caring for Kittens.

Caliciviral disease is one such viral disease which affects the kitten’s respiratory systems. Feline viral rhinotracheitis is also similar disease. Though these diseases are equivalent to common cold in human beings sometimes these disease may become fatal to the kittens. Feline Panleukopenia is another disease that affects the intestinal tract and breaks the immunity in the body and exposing the kitten to many diseases. To protect the kitten from all this disease the kitten should be injected with distemper vaccines. The vaccination cannot be given whenever we have time but there is some time interval by which the injection needs to be given. First vaccine should be when the kitten in nine weeks old then after three to four weeks, then again 1 year later and then after 3 years once.

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