Choosing A Breeder

Choosing A Breeder

When choosing a breeder there are some things that can help you pick a good breeder. Listed here are some warning signs, some things to ask and some things breeder might ask.

Warning signs
-A breeder refuses to answer questions about the breed, the kittens or their facility.
-A breeder refuses to let you visit their cattery area or to see the parents of the litter.
-A breeder shows no interest in the home the cat or if the environment is right for that particular breed.

If any of these things occur you may want to continue your search for a breeder. These can be signs of a breeder who does not have the dog’s best interest in mind and is only concerned witht he money.

Choosing A Breeder

Questions to Ask a Breeder
-Ask to see the cattery and while visiting make sure to notice if the environment is clean and the animals are healthy.
-Ask to see the parents of the litter and any past litters that they have had. (it may only be possible to see the mother)
-Cover all agreements and contracts with the breeder. Ask questions and do not sign if you are not comfortable with the papers.
-Good breeders have health guarantee agreements on their cats and will be able to share the medical records (shots etc.).
-Ask the breeder if they require all their animals be spayed/neutered.
-Ask about a No-Declaw contract. Many breeders do not approve of the practice and require that any animal they sell keep their claws intact.

Choosing A Breeder

-Ask questions about the breed, what the breeder is feeding the animal and general care.
-A good breeder will share health & behavioer concerns about their particular breed.
-Ask for references.
-Ask how long they have been handling this breed and how many litters do they have a year. The longer they have handled the breed the more they should know about the breeding and care of the cats. Also the less litters there are in a year the more time the breeder has to dedicate to the mother and kittens. It also shows that the breeder probably chose the parents carefully to ensure the best match.

Choosing A Breeder

Questions a Breeder May Ask
-Do not be offended if a breeder asks you questions. This shows that the breeder is interested in where their cats will end up.
-Have you owned any cats in the past?
-Do you own any pets now? Some breeds can be aggressive towards other pets. Or the other pets can be dangerous to the cats.
-Do you have children? (If yes, How old?) Some breeds do not do well with children while others do well with older children.
-Do you live in a house or apartment? Some cats are not suited for apartment life.
-Do you travel frequently? Will the dog travel with you? The breeder wants to make sure you have enough time to provide the cat with the attention it needs.
-Don’t be surprised if the breeder tells you that this breed may not be the best match for you due to traveling, inexperience w/dogs, children, or any of the other factors listed. You may want to take their advice and check out a different breed. They may be able to recommend another breed and breeder.

Choosing A Breeder

These are just some of the possible questions that can come up in a discussion with a breeder. It is a good idea to talk to a couple breeders and do research on your own first. You may discover that the cat you had your heart set on is not the right one to fit in your life.

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