Choosing a Purebred Cat

Choosing a Purebred Cat

Cats have been considered to be independent and snobbish animals but that is a myth for many cats. In particular there are some breeds that require more attention from their humans than others. Consider the personalities of the different breeds before making a selection. Other factors to consider grooming, cost and your environment. It can be difficult knowing where to begin when looking for a purebred cat. It is recommended that you stay away from pet stores because they tend to get their animals from “kitten factories”. These places usually have several cats that just repeatedly have kittens. The lack of concern for proper matings, socialization and time with the mother are often evident. Breeders can also have some of the same problems as pet stores. Most breeders are ethical and handle their animals properly but you should always check out the breeder your interested in. For some hints on choosing a breeder click here. Below informational pages are listed for several breeds.

Choosing a Purebred Cat

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