Feeding kittens cat food?

Feeding kittens cat food?

Feeding kittens should be planned and well organized before you start feeding the kittens already. It is good to keep everything ready before you start feeding the kittens and also you can even prepare the mixture for few days and store it in refrigerator and use it whenever you need it.

Feeding kittens cat food?

Make sure that the kittens mom is healthy and has enough nutrients to nurture the kittens and take care of them with proper food and diet. Kittens grow at a very constant rate unlike pup. So make sure that the kitten also receives proper vitamins at the early stage itself and starts building its immunity.

Feeding kittens cat food?

There is a clear listing of when the kitten should be fed especially a new born kitten. If the kitten is 1 week old then it should be fed at least 9 times a day to not more than 12 times a day. If the kitten in 2 weeks old then you can reduce the feeding by 7 times a day and maximum up to 9 times a day. This can be even followed for 3 weeks old kittens as well. Once the kitten is 4 weeks old then try to reduce the number of feeding to 5 to 7 and continue the same for 5th week as well.

Feeding kittens cat food?

If you feel the kitten is not eating properly then try to increase the frequency of feeding and little each time. If the kitten feels like choking while taking the food then hold the kitten upside down till the choking reduces. All the more you love and affection would make them eat more and become healthy.

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