Fleas on cats treatment

fleas on cats treatment

You have probably seen common fleas on cats before: quick and tiny things that crawl through your companion’s fur, feeding on its blood, causing the cat to vigorously scratch. Fleas on cats (Ctenocephalides felis) live on the animal’s skin. They principally feast on both blood and skin, causing sickness and discomfort. External parasites like fleas are a common problem for cats that go outdoors but are easily treated and the recovery is quick. Fleas like to live around the cat’s ears, eyes and anus. Hair loss is common because of the scratching.

Fleas on cats treatment

In your fight against fleas, repetition of treatment and disinfection of the cat’s environment is a must. After the initial treatment, you will need to fumigate the environment again within ten to fourteen days – the eggs hatch in that period of time – as new fleas would create discomfort in your cat again.

Fleas on cats treatment

Some new flea treatments include skin drops or pills available only through your pet clinician. Other treatments require flea powders, collars, flea baths and some sprays. Ask your vet before combining flea treatments , otherwise you might end up poisoning your companion. It is really important to get rid of fleas on cats not only because of the skin and hairloss problems, but also because a flea infestation may give your cat anemia. It is also important because fleas in cats carry tapeworms.

Fleas on cats treatment

Elevated temperature and gums that are pale are the main symptoms of fleas on cats – along with the itching and scratching. The definite diagnosis of fleas on cats is made via blood testing by the vet that will then prescribe the flea treatment.

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