How to Ship Kittens

How to Ship Kittens

We take so much care even while Shipping our household things what is you are shipping your loving kitten across countries or oceans. First of all find the best air lines for moving your kittens. There are few air lines which allow carrying the kittens in the passenger cabin with a separate section for kittens. If you are planning to travel with your kitten then it is good to find out options like cost, size of the carrier accepted by the airlines.

How to Ship Kittens

It is good to choose the biggest carrier so that the kitten can stretch itself and be free, turn around and move around inside the carrier. The airline has some strict policies over the food items that you can carry for the kitten. If the airlines policies say that you cannot carry even water then inform your vet about this and make sure that kitten doesn’t get dehydrated during the travel and is healthy and fine.

How to Ship Kitten

It is not advisable to give sedative for the kitten when he is travelling because on heights the pressure will be less and may be fatal for the kitten. If you are travelling and you just need someone to look after the kitten for sometime then it is good to choose some friends or neighbors to take care of it till you come back. The other better option is there are boarding places available for kittens where you can send your kitten for few days and take it back; you can consult the vet to find such a place.

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